It’s me, JP and I’m blogging! I’ve been on site for roughly 24 hours now and BOY LET ME TELL YA..I feel so at home.

The ACE Dulzura site, or “SoCal” site is the coolest place I’ve ever lived in. It’s a huge property composed of several houses with some very interesting history, think cult (!!!) Nevertheless, the land is gorgeous with numerous outdoor spots to enjoy breakfast or get cozy with a good book. I am rooming with 3 other girls in the top floor of the “barn”. We’ve got our own porch that extends out from the room and it’s the cutest little nook, great for idk…blogging…;)

As for the people, I have never clicked so immediately with a group of strangers this size, if ever. We’re just a bung of tree-hugging kids trying to restore a bit of the planet and I am loving the vibes. Our service officially begins tomorrow morning with some training sessions. Let’s rock and roll baby.



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